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Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild
Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild

Last updated: December 2, 2014

Next Meeting

January 5, 2015 - 7:30pm.

St. Anthony's Soccer Club
523 St. Anthony Street (see map)
(west side of Preston St. directly north of the Queensway/417)

Visitors are welcome - admission $8

For additional information about the next meeting, see the current newsletter, available the last week of the preceding month, or the list of meetings.


Photos from past meetings

Click on title tabs to see photos from current and previous meetings
  • Judy Reid is organizing the re-purpose of "Relay for Life" t-shirts into bags for use by the Canadian Cancer Society.
    Please see Judy at the meeting for more information and to volunteer for this great cause.
  • Members of the OVQG check out the offerings
    of the Shops of the Month "Heartworks" (www.heartworks.ca)
    and "The Fabric Box" (www.fabric-box.com)
  • Guest speaker M-R Charbonneau discusses color concepts in quilting.
  • Guest speaker M-R Charbonneau's growth charts she made for her children.
  • Members of the OVQG examine the quilts from guest speaker's M-R Charbonneau's trunk show.
  • Some of the color tools used by guest speaker M-R Charbonneau.
  • Carol Gaudet and the various quilted toaster covers she has made for her friend Joanne.
  • Participants of Elaine Quehl's fabric dying workshop.
  • Nancy Kibbee and her quilt "Fractured Colour Wheel".
  • Chris Mitchler and pillowcases for CHEO.
  • Chris Mitchler and her quilt "Ruby the Hummingbird"
  • Patricia Fox and her quilt "Alphabeasts at my Window".
  • Maria-E Neppel and a baby quilt for her neighbour.
    (l to r - Maria-E Neppel and Jessica Speir)
  • Joan Dorsay's quilt "Not Now, Maybe Never".
  • Barb Griffiths and her quilt "Baby Quilt".
  • The front of Jane Roszell's quilt "Surplus Squares".
  • The back of Jane Roszell's quilt "Surplus Squares".
  • Guest speaker David Taylor discusses his quilt
    "I ain't no spring chicken!", the quilt shown on the screen behind him.
  • Guest speaker David Taylor discusses his quilt
    "A year under the aspens", the quilt shown on the screen behind him.
  • Guest speaker David Taylor's quilt "Did you wash your beak?"
  • Members of the OVQG admire guest speaker David Taylor's quilt "Maynard"
  • Heather Williams and her quilt "100 Zen Gardens"
  • Betty Ann Parent and her quilt "Holiday Chic"
  • Maria E Neppel and some charity quilts
    (l to r - Maria E Neppel, Michiko Laurin, and Katrina Roddick)
  • Billie Stephens quilt "Storm at sea miniature"
  • Billie Stephens and her quilt "Round Robin"
  • Billie Stephens quilt "Row by Row"
  • Kathy Reynolds and her quilt "Round Robin"
  • Samantha LeBlanc's quilt "Hélène's Quilt"
  • Beth Cameron and her quilt "Falling Leaves"
  • Georgina Gray's quilt "Emily's Wedding Quilt"
  • Submissions for November's Block of the Month.
  • December's Block of the Month.
  • Block of the Month for November 2014.
  • Submissions for October's Block of the Month
  • October's Block of the Month.

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