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Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild
Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild

Next Meeting

May 5, 2014 - 7:30pm.

St. Anthony's Soccer Club
523 St. Anthony Street (see map)
(west side of Preston St. directly north of the Queensway/417)

Visitors are welcome - admission $5

For additional information about the next meeting, see the current newsletter, available the last week of the preceding month, or the list of meetings.


Photos from past meetings

Click on title tabs to see photos from current and previous meetings
  • Billie Stephens and her quilt "Feathered Star"
  • Nancy Kibbee and her quilt "Cat's Eye Nebula"
    (l to r - Nancy Kibbee and Billie Stephens)
  • Jann Thulien's four "Baby Quilt Challenge"
    (Judy Reid holding one of the quilts)
  • Lisa Neppel and a quilted jacket.
  • Lisa Neppel and a quilted jacket.
  • Dianne Watchorn's quilt "Spooling Around"
  • Dianne Watchorn's and her quilt "Dot to Dot"
  • Kari Gerard and her quilt "Magic Tiles (Multi Batiks)"
  • Sheryl McKendry and her quilt "Harmony Cottage"
  • Sheryl McKendry and her quilt "Rubber Ducky"
  • Sherry Ruch and her lap quilt "Butterflies"
  • Sherry Ruch and four blocks she made
    at the Free Motion Quilting Workshop
  • Hilary Rice workshop participants and the quilts made at the workshop.
  • Marian Power's doll quilt.
  • Christine DeVries and samples of silk scarves she made at a dyeing workshop.
    (l to r - Billie Stephens and Christine DeVries)
  • Hope Ring and her quilt "Settlers of Catan"
  • M-R Charbonneau and her quilt "Luscious Columns"
  • Sue Moser and her quilts "Tree of Love" and "Bonds of Friendship"
  • Carol Gaudet's quilt
    "All Things Grow With Love - growth charts for Nicholas and Noah"
  • "Renascent Soul" a quilt by the guest speaker Hilary Rice.
  • Guest speaker Hilary Rice and her quilt "Psalm of Eternal Awakening"
  • Sandra Benoit's quilt "Overflowing with Joy" (Billie Stephens is holding the quilt)
  • Lisa Neppel and quilts she has made as gifts for her grand nieces
  • Lisa Neppel and her kaleidoscope quilt
  • Judy Reid and the quilt she made from a 2005 Christmas block swap
  • Albertina Pianarosa and her quilt "Soft Lighting"
  • Liz Mitchell's challenge quilt from the last century
  • Jane Trach's quilt "Wild Animals"
  • Nancy Kibbee's quilt "My Street - Tranquility Amid Chaos"
  • Hope Ring's quilt "Spock"
    (If you want instructions on how to make you own,
    check out http://funthreads.blogspot.ca/2011/05/now-you-see-him-now-you-dont.html)
  • A quilt made by Lorrie Church from her block of the month winnings
  • Pat Amundrud's quilt "Africa Remembered"
  • Barb Griffiths' quilt "Diamond Quilt"
    (l to r : Barb Griffiths and Billie Stephens)
  • Nancy Arbogast's quilt "Hunter Star Quilt of Valour"
  • M-R Charbonneau's quilt "A Stitch in Time"
  • Block of the month submissions for February and March 2014.
  • Block of the month submissions for January and February 2014.
  • Block of the Month for March 2014.
  • December block of the month submissions.
  • Some of the November block of the month submissions.
  • Block of the Month for October 2013
  • Some of the submissions for October’s Block of the Month

Click on thumbnails above to see larger view