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How do I renew my membership?

  • online 
  • by mail
  • in person at the next monthly Guild meeting

What are the benefits of renewing online?

  • Renew when convenient to you.
  • If you pay online, your membership card is ready for quick pickup or is mailed to you; you can skip the membership lines at the next Guild meeting.

How do I renew online?

  • Log in to your account and view your profile.
  • Click the blue Renew until 01 Jul 20__  to start the renewal process. Note that this button does not appear until May 1st, 2 months before our July 1st renewal date.
  • Review your membership data and make any corrections necessary.
  • Decide on privacy-related options: being listed in the directory and allowing photos of you and/or your work to appear on our website.
  • Decide on extra-cost options: purchasing a name badge or receiving your membership card by mail.
  • Note: once you click the Pay online or Invoice me button your status changes to Pending - Renewal and you can't cancel the renewal.
  • Decide on how to pay. If you pay online your renewal is complete. If you decide not to pay online, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay by cash (in-person meetings only) or by cheque or e-transfer, or to pay online if you change your mind. If you pay offline, your membership renewal will be completed by the membership team and you will receive an email confirming your renewal.

Where do I find the paper form?

  • There is a link to the paper form on the Documents page under the Resources menu.
  • It is usually included in the May newsletter.
  • Copies are available at the Membership desk at monthly in-person Guild meetings.

What is the renewal timeline?

  • May 1: renewal period starts.
  • May 27: first reminder email is sent to all members who have not renewed yet.
  • August 30: second reminder email is sent to all members who have not renewed yet.
  • September 19: the status of all members who have not renewed yet changes to 'lapsed', which means they will no longer be eligible for member rates and will not be able to view the members-only pages on the website. They will still be able to log in, but only to view their profile. They will still be able to renew online.
  • Shortly after the October meeting: all lapsed members are archived, which means they will no longer be able to log in or renew online. They will still be able to renew by mail or in person.
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